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2022 Products & Services Survey

Much like our Market Research Survey that some of you had filled out, before we officially opened up. We now have our Survey for this year.

As our business continues to grow, we will always work with our customers to see what they would like from us, we will then tailor it to what people mainly want from us and then see if we can fit in everyone else's choice as well later on. Feel no obligation to partake in the survey, however we do appreciate the more people filling it in will give us more data to work with. There are even spaces for you to provide your opinion as well if you feel the need to let us know about anything else we may have missed off.

Some of this form will be related to our main focus, Japanese Cuisine, and some of it is related to our Kitchen Services which don't focus on our business, but are supplementary, designed to be helpful to our customers that require those services.

Below is a link to our Product & Services Survey for 2022.

We appreciate and thank those who fill out this survey.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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