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Gyoza Process

The first point of preparation for our Gyozas, 300 wrappers have been made with plenty more on their way. We will then create the 6 fillings (Prawn, Duck, Chicken & Veg, Vegetable, Pork & Veg, Hot & Spicy Chicken) and then we will start filling.

The second point of preparation for our Gyozas. Here is Prawn filling, piping hot and ready to be blast chilled down, this will be a better recipe from the previous batch (and Gluten Free in preparation for us introducing G-Free Gyozas for those customers it will be vital for, for their Dietary Requirements). There are no additional unwanted extras in our fillings, 100% Prawns (before we start adding some vegetables, spices and seasonings).

The third and final point of preparation for our Gyozas, we combine everything together, wrap it up make them ready to cook. These are filled with Prawns (our previous ones were slightly pink which came from Beetroot juice that was added to the Gyoza wrapper), this recipe is just plain instead, along with a new recipe for the filling (which you can see as these are definitely more colourful inside).

To cook our Gyozas, we pan fry to get some colour on all sides and then add water to the hot pan, bring to boil and place a lid on, this finishes the Gyozas off and makes them ready to serve.

Gyozas are great as a snack, however we add ours to the Gyoza Hotpot to give you that hearty and filling main meal. You are best taking these out of the Hotpot and dipping into your favourite sauce (I recommend Ponzu dipping sauce!)

Blue Oak Bistro.

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