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Halal Information Updated On FAQ Section

As we have received quite a few questions regarding this, we have updated our FAQ section on our website ( so any customers that it does affect, they can check this information for themselves without having to message us. Halal customers can enjoy roughly 90% of our menu with exception to a few (due to ingredients that are used during the cooking process).

Although in time as we expand, we do hope we can bring other products to the menu that will be suitable for these customers.

**UPDATED FAQ** We are aware of Halal customers, much like we are aware of Vegetarian and Vegan customers. Due to the strict policy with Halal, we do not keep our meat products near any other products in storage. All of our meat products are not suitable for Halal customers as well as some ingredients. To see the full list of what is and is not suitable for Halal, please check our Allergens & Dietary Requirements page which has a section stipulating this in more detail. The base of our Sushi is made to be suitable for Halal, Vegetarian and Vegans. Sushi is traditionally made with Sake Rice Wine and Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes, which we do not add to our recipes to ensure that our Sushi is suitable for almost everyone, with exception to those with Food Allergies out of our control. Our Ramen is made with Pork, Beef, Chicken and Fish products. This is not suitable for Halal, Vegetarians or Vegans.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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