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Halloween Sushi

From next week, the Spooky season will be upon us. For 1 week only starting from 25th October and finishing on the 29th (as we are closed 30th and 31st). The Limited-Edition Sushi will be taking the main stage. All of our Sushi will be infused with Squid Ink!

This is perfectly harmless to consumers as long as it is prepared safely, please bear in mind that this *may* not be suitable for all Vegetarian Dietary Requirements (please research about the product as to why it may not be suitable for some Vegetarians). This product is also Gluten-Free. In regard to Food Allergens, this is not suitable for those with Allergies to Molluscs, which is the case for most of our Sushi anyway due to ingredients used in the process.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about this update then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you further.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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