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P&S Survey 2022

This week, we are taking more action on our 2022 Survey some of our customers have filled out, the survey gives you a chance to voice your opinion with us. One of the comments we are addressing now, was making affordable dishes, unfortunately some of our current products have gone up in price for us, to fight this, we have lowered our delivery charge as the cost of fuel has gone down and pushed out some Discounts and a Loyalty Card for our Coffee.

We are hoping our Supplier will keep to their word about delivery this week, we hope to receive on Thursday a bunch of new ingredients for a new Hot Food we will be launching as soon as possible. It will have 2 base options and 6 different topping variations, and we are looking to have it cost £7-£9. It will be hot, hearty and filling which helps during Winter. We are hoping it will be more popular than our Ramen and much more affordable in comparison. Both Ramen products are currently out of stock while we await delivery from another one of our other Suppliers.

The new Hot Food product will have Allergen & Dietary Information put on the website when the product launches, we have kept it as traditional as we can whilst still being accessible by as many people as possible.

Do you want to guess what it may be?

The Products & Services Survey 2022 is available at the link:

Please take the time to fill it out, it will take less than a minute of your time and you can voice your thoughts on what we need to do as a business for you.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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We will not be accepting Deliveries on Wednesday 01/11/23. The delivery vehicle will undergo annual maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience. We will continue to accept orders for Collections.

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