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We are now offering additional Kitchen Services, there will be no time limit listed on our website as the services provided are conducted in our free time and change per person for each service.


Right now, we are limited to a maximum of 2 Kitchen Knives per Customer.

If you need custom requirements (pricing may change), if you have questions or would like more information, if you need more than 2 Knives sharpening as you are a business (e.g. Restaurant, Cafe), if you have a short deadline requirement (pricing may change). Then just contact us below. 

Please e-mail:

Basic Knife Sharpening:

This is suitable for most people for most knives, we will work your blade from the preset provided if the information is available to you, if not we will locate it during sharpening. Most Kitchen Knives our customers will have, will be a Western or Eastern 50/50 edge, however there are some that are 70/30 and some that are single edge (Single Bevel), which are typically Japanese Blades, if you are unsure then feel free to send a picture of your knife and the Brand and style of it to our e-mail.

Small Blades (Up to 6 inch from hilt) - £3.00

Large Blades (Up to 11inch from hilt) - £6.00

Specialist Blades/Custom Blades - Ask for pricing

Knife Resetting, Flaws & Nicks:

If your kitchen knife has the incorrect edge, chips/damage to the blade edge, we will fix that issue then sharpen the knife.

Small Blades (Up to 6 inch from hilt) - £10.00

Large Blades (Up to 11inch from hilt) - £16.00

Specialist Blades/Custom Blades - Ask for pricing


The bolster of the handle may receive minor scuffs due to the nature of our sharpening, while every effort will be taken to prevent this from happening, it may still occur, this especially happens with wooden handles where there is no metal bolster to protect.

We will not adjust the dominance side of a Single Bevel Blade, if the blade is set up for right-handedness we will not change this. 

We can collect and deliver your knives at an additional cost.

We offer this service as a maintenance service for your knives, as you use your knife then it will get dull and will need to be sharpened again.

We have machine and hand sharpening techniques to work on your knife. We mainly use Japanese Whetstones to sharpen with, this is a time-consuming practice and unfortunately, we are not able to rush this service, when more work is required on your knife, then it requires more time.

When our work is complete, your knife will be sharp, please take the utmost care and caution when using your knife to avoid injury.

The blade edge will be polished to further refine the blade edge.

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