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Free Gift Update - Valentine's Day

They have arrived!

Okay, so we have two types of treats available for Valentine's Day pre-orders (to be eligible, place your order with us for Valentine's Day). We will accept pre-orders at the very latest, Monday 13th February 10pm.

We have not ordered a lot, most of our weekdays tend to be quieter than the weekend, so...

We have 3 boxes of Mochi Truffles (You will receive 1 box of Mochi Truffles with your order if it is over £40.00 total).

We have 10 packs of Baumkuchen (You will receive two of any of our 5 flavours, for your order, if it is above £20.00 but under £39.99).

That means we have available 8 available Free Gifts in total. 1 pack of Baumkuchen has already gone! So we have 7 left.

Once they are gone, they are gone! I will notify you all with an update once we have completely allocated all of these. If they don't go... then I am eating them!

For those who will probably ask... the 5 flavours of Baumkuchen are:

- Milk & Caramel

- Milk & Matcha

- Milk

- Honey

- Milk & Strawberry

These are non-traditional Japanese sweets and treats, better suited to Western taste buds.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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We will not be accepting Deliveries on Wednesday 01/11/23. The delivery vehicle will undergo annual maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience. We will continue to accept orders for Collections.

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