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Recipe 4 Health Awards - Update

One of the Blackburn with Darwen, Senior Environmental Health Officers, has notified us of an update in regards to Recipe 4 Health. Recipe 4 Health is an award split into 3 categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Recipe 4 Health programme is there to display Food Businesses that promote healthy eating and healthy options on their Menus. Blue Oak Bistro currently holds all 3 categories of the award.

Public Health are keen to promote businesses with the award and to try and get new businesses on board.

They are now ramping up efforts to raise awareness of this and Public Health are looking to promote award holders businesses on the Council's Facebook page.

They will be providing some digital prints for us to use at Blue Oak Bistro on our website and social media to raise awareness. They will also be providing R4H napkins for us to use for our customer's orders. The napkins will have the R4H brand and a QR code, this will then allow you to visit the Be Well BWD page via the QR code.

Below is a link to the Be Well BWD website which lists all businesses with the award:

As part of a drive to increase awareness of the Recipe 4 Health award and healthy eating, an interactive food map is being put together, which will show residents and shoppers where in Blackburn or Darwen they can purchase healthy take-away food. Our business location is due to be added to this interactive food map.

Public Health will be promoting the food map and Recipe 4 Health through their social media channels such as the Blackburn with Darwen Facebook page and hopefully the press, in order to gain publicity for the Recipe 4 Health brand and the award scheme.

As I prefer to provide clarity to my customers, this information is placed here for you to read and learn more about, should you wish to do so.

If you are interested in healthy eating at Blue Oak Bistro. Our menu is designed with this in mind, our menu will also receive some more updates (mainly in the pictures of foods), to notify you of which products are healthy options. If you have questions during ordering or wish to make a food product on our menu healthier, then we can omit ingredients or suggest alternative products to give you that experience, should you wish to do so. We aim to provide a balanced and varied diet for our customers.

Blue Oak Bistro.

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